Power your AI with our best data infrastructure

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Join 25,000+ businesses that use Segment to collect, clean, and activate their data—and grow efficiently.

Illustration: Customer Data Platform diagram
Illustration: Announcement The Growth Report 2023: AI Edition

The Growth Report 2023: AI Edition

Get insights from 2,450 marketing and CX leaders on what it means to grow sustainably in 2023, and how companies are using AI to do just that.

Join the 25,000+ companies using the Segment platform

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Segment collects events from your web and mobile apps and provides a complete data toolkit to every team in your company.

Activate data + intelligence

Intelligent customer engagement and AI models are only as good as the quality of your data. Segment CDP enables companies to collect, clean, and activate AI-ready data.

Illustration: Ensure your data is AI ready.

Segment for Marketing Teams

Complete view of the customer

Unify your customers’ touch points across all platforms and channels.

Explore Segment for Marketing
Complete view of the customer

Segment for Marketing Teams

Real-time Audiences

Target the right customer with the right message at the right time. Build audiences and create real-time campaigns, without relying on other teams.

Explore Twilio Engage Product
Real-time audiences

Segment for Marketing Teams

Best-in-class tools

Activate audiences in 450+ marketing tools, in real-time.

Explore Connections Product
Activate in 450+ tools

Deliver unified, personalized experiences

Deliver personalized, omnichannel campaigns to real-time targeted audiences from a centralized platform, without relying on other teams.

Explore Twilio Engage Product
Deliver Unified Personal Experiences

Segment for Product Teams

Launch with the best stack

Enable the best product analytics, A/B testing, and data warehouse tools with the flip of a switch.

Explore Segment for Product

Segment for Product Teams

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Align your marketing, engineering, and analytics teams with a shared data dictionary.

Explore Protocols Product
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Segment for Product Teams

Build privacy-first

Automatically detect and classify PII in real-time. Accelerate compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and more.

Explore Privacy Product
Build privacy first

Segment for Engineering Teams

One API. Cleaner code.

Use one API to collect analytics data, across any platform. We have SDKs for JavaScript, iOS, Android, and 20+ server-side languages.

Explore Segment for Engineering

Segment for Engineering Teams

Query in SQL.

We'll automatically load your analytics data into your data warehouse (such as Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, and many more).

Explore Warehouses Product
Query in SQL

Segment for Engineering Teams

Deploy custom functions.

With just ten lines of JavaScript, you can build any integration — no additional infrastructure required.

Explore Functions Product
Deploy custom functions

Trusted by startups and the world's largest companies

“With real-time integrated data flows from Segment, we can truly understand what people are doing with our platform.”

Nic Sauriol

Software Development Leader

increase in revenue following a three-month customer messaging pilot program

Getting started is easy

Start connecting your data with Segment.

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